About GunTreasure


Who are we? Well we don’t live under a bridge, but we do live in the United States, supposed land of freedom including the 2nd Amendment. We are gun people and we provide a site for gun people. A site that lets gun enthusiasts and gun owners collaborate, conversate, and commiserate.


We are not the gun experts but provide a platform for gun experts to gather if they wish. You don’t need to be a gun expert to be on the site, but you should love guns, because you’ll be drenched in gun photos, conversations, ads, and gun related for sale items. Newbie friendly is what we want to be. If you know a lot about guns, come and chip in your expertise to those less well endowed.


Did we mention the 2nd Amendment? We believe in that strongly. We believe guns are the great equalizer between evil and good. Guns can be used for both and to balance evil, the people, the good people especially, need to have access to guns. Sorry if you don’t agree. If you don’t like guns there are plenty of other places to hang out. Just not here.


What you can do here:


Create your profile and post items of interest to gun folk.

Introduce and invite your buddies and friends to hang out with you.

Create a Group for your special interest about firearms.

Create a Page for your business if you have one.

Buy and Sell your items, including firearms, in the Marketplace, or draw attention to a gun Auction or other gun listing you have.



Enjoy the site. We won’t be nearly perfect, but we will endeavor to improve the site as we go.